Fresh Air

| April 28, 2020
Eastern Sierra
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
A Hen and a Drake Green Teal on the truck bed. Not a limit on anything, but a fun morning out.

The Eastern Sierra Mountains are a great place to clear your mind and get fresh air amid the corona virus crisis. Aside from truly necessary visits to the grocery store, hardware store, and post office, I’ve been inside my home working.

My workload has actually increased quite a bit during the crisis, and while I am grateful for work, I am jealous of the many folks outside, getting fresh air whilst collecting some combinations of unemployment, SBA, and stimulus checks.

I’d probably be less bitter if I was also dipping my hand in the cookie jar, but I am not. While we will all pay for the stimulus and bailouts, in some form or another, at least some of us will have had an extended spring break on the taxpayer’s dime, whilst others, myself included don’t get that government sponsored vacation time.

I had to get some outside time, so I scouted a large meadow with aspen stands above a peak that I had been interested in visiting, and had previously investigated via satellite photos.

The break made me feel much better mentally, and even physically. My work desk posture is not the best and the consequence is discomfort and dull pain.

Being outside gave me an opportunity to appreciate a time in the future when we will be able to get out more freely. It gave me a mental break from work. It also gave me an opportunity to physically loosen up, as well as get some vitamin D.

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