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Goose, the Dove Beast

| March 1, 2018
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
A Hen and a Drake Green Teal on the truck bed. Not a limit on anything, but a fun morning out.

Who is Goose, the Dove Beast? Its a sad product of my own doing I believe, and perhaps why I felt compelled to keep her.

About a few months ago, I noticed every single dove carcass or remnants, disappeared from the compost pile. It happened consistently enough I should have done something about it, or thought more of it, but I ignored it. A few weeks afterwards, I saw that a litter of about 8 kittens appeared in one of the abandoned dairy outbuildings on the property. I saw the mom, and found where they had been fed by mom. There were feathers everywhere… of the Dove variety mostly. Doves on the ground aren’t exactly sprightly, and while cats are excellent hunters, I worried I contributed to the problem as dove feathers seemed disproportionate to field mice remains.

I thought I’d let nature take its course. There are enough feral cats and barn cats around to tie up the ASPCA for the next century. Well, a few weeks later following a conference call I go outside to inspect a sound, and it was a hungry and dehydrated crying kitten, and a bunch of magpies observing a soon to be meal.

As soon as the kitten saw me, it befriended me, where as any of the others had always scurried when they saw humans. As it turns out she is a fun dove hunting companion, and has a ravenous hunger for dove meat. Not a surprise. She occasionally gets a kill to thrash around, but now only gets the occasional cooked dove breast.

If you are wondering why her name is Goose, its because in the evening I go outside and hunt geese; in season of course. Had I gone out when I normally hunt dove and geese, I’d have found a carcass and a bunch of well fed magpies. The name seemed fitting. Plus she is black and white, like a Canada Goose.

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