Gosky Smartphone Rifle Scope Mount

| July 30, 2016
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
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I wanted to share my hunting and shooting experiences, so I needed to get an appropriate smartphone scope mount for a rifle or pistol. Buy The One in This Review Here


There are some really expensive options on the market, requiring different adapters and case combinations, and even more cheap ones of questionable quality, that may or may not have the proper eye relief for a rifle scope.

Gosky Adapter UnboxingGosky Adapter Quality Close Up
20160729_135831Gosky Adapter ComponentsGosky Adapter mounted to a Crosman 1322

I found the Gosky scope mount online, and did a little snooping around the interwebs for more information. The Gosky smartphone rifle scope mount is a newer product from Gosky. I couldn’t find a lot of info on their website, as its a newer product, so I contacted them. I told them I wasn’t excited about paying a whole lot for a brand name I had no knowledge about, and for a product with no reputation. The folks at Gosky decided to send me the smartphone mount in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


I received the Gosky smartphone adapter a few days later. It was very neatly packaged and I was honestly very surprised as the quality of materials was much better than I had expected. Its all quality aluminum parts with a solid black anodizing.


It was very easy to put the adapter on my scope, mount my phone, and adjust the eye relief. The smartphone mount is highly adjustable and would easily accommodate a large range of smartphones. The mount expands to about 3 3/4″. And would hold something as thick as 3/8″ at that size. And closer to 4″ for a thinner device. That is probably the max though.

I could easily take stable, slow motion video through my scope, using a Samsung S5. The mount remained snug and I had no creep or movement. Proof is in the pudding, check out some of the videos below


Slow Motion Video of Pellet Trajectory


Squirrel Pest Control


I am more than happy with this adapter, and I would not hesitate to recommend the Gosky adapter to others.


Compared to similar adapters like the iSkope brand of adapters at $60-$160, or the G-Line adapter for about $200, this product is an exceptional value at a much more affordable price.


Overall, its high quality, well manufactured, works well, and is a great value. If you are planning on taking hunting or shooting videos through your optics with your phone, then this is what you need. Buy It Here



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