solar battery wiring tight

Better Solar Battery Bank

I built a solar powered backup battery a couple years ago, but decided to make a better solar battery bank. I originally thought I needed more room for more 12v lead acid batteries when I built the last version. I never added 12v lead acid batteries, because LiPo batteries started looking appealing, and did not […]

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Leather Shot Shell Carrier

I wanted an easy way to carry around and quickly access shot shells whilst shooting and hunting, so I made my own leather shot shell carrier. Making a leather shot shell carrier involved making a ‘mold’ to form pieces of leather into ‘parts’ that will hold nice bends and shapes. It’s not absolutely necessary, but […]

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Dove Decoys Part 1

I plan to use dove decoys and some bird seed to get doves to more frequently land in the yard. I drafted a dove pattern on paper for a wooden dove decoy, glued up some blanks from some scrap 2x4s and got to work.

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