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Legal Lead Ammo

The California statewide ban on lead ammo is now in effect.  Sure condors and other critters will continue to choke on old wheel balancing weights, trash, and lead fishing weights, but that’s because the lead free movement isn’t really about the environment, its about gun control. In California, I can hunt a variety of small […]

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The Truth About California’s Ammo Laws

The truth about California’s ammo laws, is that they are complete bullshit. They don’t work, haven’t worked, will continue to not work, will make criminals of law abiding citizens, and infringe on the Second Amendment. For the completely uninformed, California passed bill SB53 among a slew of other anti second amendment laws, requiring residents pay […]

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Can you hunt with lead 22lr in California?

Can you hunt with lead 22lr in California? Unlike the sheeple, I read all the CA hunting rules, then read them again, then read the lead requirements, then read those again. As I understood the rules it is perfectly legal to use lead 22lr ammo. To verify all of this. I contacted California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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