First Time Gun Buyers

| March 29, 2020
FTGB California Pepe
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
A Hen and a Drake Green Teal on the truck bed. Not a limit on anything, but a fun morning out.

I ordered an AR15 lower ahead of a 10 day trip to rural NY. I did it before the Coronavirus really started to grip America, devastate the economy, and cause so much fear and uncertainty, that first time gun buyers would line up in droves to buy a gun.

Californians have to wait 10 days (10 24hr periods) to pick up a firearm, while background checks occur, and the CA DOJ does whatever the hell it does.

I’m not a particularly patient person. I thought buying an AR15 lower mid-way to the airport I was going to travel out of, would be a smart way to endure the wait.

SHTF, or at least began to, during that trip. My home is a 5.5 hour drive from the airport. The gun shop where I had to pick up my AR15 lower is 1.25 hours into my drive. What should have taken 5 minutes to pick up took 2.5 hours.

I arrived at the store, and waited in a line, outside in the rain for over an hour an a half. Turners Outdoorsman was responsibly only allowing 10 people to physically be in the store at a time, in attempt to limit the spread and exposure of the Coronavirus. There was also plenty of hand sanitizer on the gun and checkout counters.

I have no problem waiting in line for what I consider a reasonable and responsible social response. I didn’t however, enjoy wasting my time because of all of my uninformed peers, who have willingly through voting and willful ignorance, long since given the state over to anti-gunners, and wasted my time by being in line.

The demographic of those causing longer lines, was mostly first time gun buyers(from here on out we will call them FTGBs), complete idiots, and couch ninjas.

A woman joined the line 15 minutes after I got there and was actively smoking. Sure, she observed about 6 feet of distance because of the Coronavirus, but had no issue with actively killing her self and sharing those carcinogens with me and everyone else in line. Later, in the store, she asked “what would be better, a pistol or a shotgun?”. She was pointing at things in a catalog, and based here choices on aesthetics. They were out of stock on the Mossberg she saw in the catalog anyway, and even if she did buy a 12 gauge shotgun to pick up in 10 days, Turners was clean out of 9mm and 12 gauge ammunition.

ID-iots. Yep ID lacking first time gun buyers. Occasionally a Turners employee would come outside, and make very clear, what forms of ID, proof of citizenship, etc. that somebody would need to start the 10 day purchase process of a firearm. At every announcement at least a couple folks would look perplexed, and leave, or ask for clarity before leaving.

LA Bros… Because LA is out of ammo… If you don’t already have ammo for at least an emergency, why do you even have a gun at home. From the perspective of a firearm owner who uses firearms, for hunting, home defense, and recreation, I don’t understand why somebody doesn’t have a small emergency stash of ammo. Why don’t you have ammo Bro? Did you skip the last Bass Pro sale like you actively skipped leg day?

Couch ninjas who should stick to video games and social media trolling, because you don’t know shit about what you are doing when it comes to guns. I am no fashion expert, but most twenty something year old folks, who wear matching top and bottom sweats, where the pants hug your ankles, unmarred running shoes, and adds candy to it with a chain and diamond studs, are total dickbags. I watch this jabroni, pass over most higher priced AR Platforms, SCARS, Scropions etc. and asked to look at a Kel-tec Sub-2000 9MM. Mind you it was right after one of many announcents that there is no 9mm or 12 gauge ammo. I’m certain that dipshit couch ninja still has no idea there is no chance he is getting ammo for the firearm he ends up with.

With only 10 folks allowed in the store at any given time, its infuriating to watch the lady who takes a firearm safety certificate test. Wastes an hour of employee time to administer and then subsequently go over nearly all the answers, because she got nearly all of it wrong. Please for the love of god waste your own time, go online and take some practice tests, before wasting everybody else’s time.

Whats the moral of the FTGB story?
If you are panic gun buyer, and you are just now realizing what a pain in the ass it is to get a firearm in California. Well that’s what you get. Perhaps in the future you won’t be so quick to let California politicians and anti-gun groups infringe on your second amendment rights. Maybe now you’ll realize there are indeed background checks, fees, wait times, and prerequisites to buying a firearm. It’s been like this for years and years, and it doesn’t stop criminals from acquiring firearms and doing criminal things. Gun shops in California are not like grocery stores. You don’t walk in and walk out with a gun and ammo, like you would a bag of groceries.

I am very thankful for Turners Outdoorsman for their patience, and procedural handling during the corona crisis leading up to the shutdown. I also greatly appreciate a business that is selling guns in California and not cowing to political pressure, and optics like Dicks Sporting Goods recently has. Please support those who support your rights.

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Waterfowl Concealment

| March 13, 2020
duck hunting concealment
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
A Hen and a Drake Green Teal on the truck bed. Not a limit on anything, but a fun morning out.

Blend In

Camouflage everything. This isn’t just about you and your personal gear, it means your blind too. The best concealment is a natural one. Vegetation or artificial netting, grass mats, raffia, and corn stalks, used to brush a blind, should match the local vegetation. It seems like a no-brainer but think about where you will hunt, and what would make blend in best. Also, work with the terrain. A tall blind set up in short vegetation, doesn’t look natural, regardless of how well the camouflage matches the vegetation of the environment.

Don’t Shine

I am a fan of the natural walnut and black gloss barrel and receiver of my 12 gauge Benelli Montefeltro. But it isn’t the best shotgun for waterfowl hunting. Fortunately, self-cling wraps, like Gear Aid Camo Form cling wrap provide a fast, affordable, and effective option for camouflaging guns, and any other equipment that isn’t well camouflaged. Cling Wraps have an added benefit of variety. Buying a couple of wraps for snowy conditions, grassy conditions etc. give a versatility to your weapon to blend in to many surroundings

Don’t Move

Like a flash of light, movement, even in a blind is a fast way for migratory birds to identify something unnatural is happening. So don’t move more than you have to.

Be Quiet

Human voices aren’t natural sounds to birds. Like a bad sheen, and movement, noise is a good way to scare of birds.

Concealment Equipment Tips

Birds have the ability to see into a range of the UV spectrum that humans cannot. This makes the sheen of the sun on your skin more visible to them, and an obvious tell that there is danger on the a spread of decoys in front of them. Wearing hood, or a hat and mask combination is an effective way to avoid being seen.
King’s Camo® Hood Mask
Hard Core® Men’s ArcTech Fleece Ulti-Mask
Cabela’s Camo Face Mask Cap

Layout blinds are a versatile option for hunting waterfowl. They bascally come in two varieties, a lot of different colors and materials, and a rage of costs.
Framed Camo Pattern Option – $249
Bulk Decoy Club Lightweight Field Hunting Layout Blind – $89 This is the blind used in the featured photo, brushed with raffia grass. It is really light at 4 lbs, and can be used to transport up to 18 decoys, and a tiny bit of equipment.

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