Dove Decoy Finally Finished

I’m calling the dove decoy project done. There are a million other things that need to get done, and are sort of a priority over the dove decoys. I finished one dove decoy, and it ‘looks good from far but is far from good’. I’m sure it will con some birds to land in the yard, but up close I wasn’t super pleased with my somewhat rushed paint job.

Additionaly, while painting the decoy, I realized I had some improvements to make to the overall carving. For starters, a narrower beak, slightly different wing shape, longer neck, and a somewhat smaller breast would go a long ways toward being ultra-realistic. I’ll probably revisit the dove decoy project, since I have a few blanks ready for shaping, but I wanted one to be done to make good on my promise to post a last dove decoy post when done. I won’t add another post in the future, but I may update a few more photos on the site as I finish others. What do you guys think? You think a dove will land on the fence next to that decoy?