Firearm Safety Certificate

My sister is moving from anti 2A California to anti 2A New York for work and family reasons. She won’t legally be allowed to take her Springfield 9mm pistol with her, so we are doing an FFL transfer of her firearm to me.

A firearm safety certificate(FSC) is required for gun transfers in California, and my hunting license only exempts me from needing a certificate when dealing with long rifles and shotguns. What is the firearm safety certificate? Well its bullshit that replaced the handgun safety certificate previously required for purchases, and another excuse for the California government to burden me in my pursuit of legal firearm ownership, and make 25 bucks in the process.

While it is indeed a stupidly simple test, the problem is the principle. Its yet another hurdle to legal gun ownership, and an assault on the second amendment. Its also won’t make people safer, like all the snow flakes and social justice warriors believe it will.

After spending 25 dollars in FSC fees, wasting my time with things I already obviously know, another 25+ dollars in FFL transfer fees, and a waiting period, I’ll be the proud owner of my sister’s firearm. A few years ago, she’d simply have been able to hand it to me and call it good. There would be no difference then versus now, in how I’d handle the firearm, store it, transport, and use it. What s different is the bullshit process, and the fees I have to pay, for SJWs and snowflakes to have a false sense of safety.

Here is the great irony about these two states and their gun laws. Last night, my sister was telling me she was hearing gunshots and then sirens outside on the streets from the window of her New York apartment.

So apparently, the guys that have the guns don’t give a rats ass about gun laws, or laws in general. What California and New York have effectively done is eliminate my sisters ability to defend herself, because she is choosing to follow the law.

Thanks snow flakes for pushing gun laws that only burden your good fellow citizens, and enable criminals to pursue crime unencumbered, and without fear of serious repercussion.