Its an Inversion

The corporate tax rate in America is 35%, the highest in the industrial world, versus Ireland’s 12.5%. The Obama administration, Hillary, and the liberals say the inversion is un-American. Figure it out, reduce taxes, or the tax revenue leaves, and you and your cronies won’t get to redistribute taxes generated off corporations to your entitled voter base.

At least there is no inversion for the middle class, and liberals will always be able to redistribute the wealth of the hard working middle and upper middle American. Tax them, ignore them, spend the money on what somebody else wants and thinks they are entitled to.

The Red Line, Assad must go, take backs!

He drew a red line against Assad and chemical weapons, then withdrew it. He said Assad must go, hasn’t done shit to make that happen. He let Russia support the Assad government and its attacks against rebels. Now Obama says Assad must go, but only after a long time, and only after an election.

If you haven’t figured it out, it’s lip service for, ‘we aren’t going to do shit under my administration about Assad’. It’s Obama softening his position so that the next president can pick up where Obama’s empty threats and ultimatums left our nations. Looking like spineless liars and bluffers.

Pump The Immigration Brakes 72% of Refugees are men

Lets pump the brakes. Refugee spending is 12 times cheaper if we do it in the middle east. Why not establish immigration shelters or cities, in the middle east, and allow a legal path to citizenship in the US, after refugees have lived in safe zones abroad for a while.

Let them apply for US citizenship, get a US based sponsor, and follow a legal path.

If it sounds familiar, its because it is. It’s not too different to how the standard path to US citizenship works, although its understandably foreign to the Obama administration, safe haven cities, and immigration.

Of course if you don’t agree, and want to take a second to think about the safety of American citizens, you are demonized by the liberal zombies, they’ll paint you as a xenophobe, racist, and anti-American. Its all part of their tolerant rhetoric to non-liberal opinions right?

Mistakes happen without good vetting of immigrants, regardless of race and ethnicity, here is a good example, google Valerian Trifa. Of course, the libs will tell you this is anecdotal.

The same holds true for any domestic terror event that has happened under Obama’s watch. The Boston bombers were the children of immigrants, were radicalized and became extremist Islamic terrorists. They’ll never call it what it is, though. Extremist Islamic Terrorism.

Our President attacks citizens for being cautious about immigration policy, taunting the opposition to his stupid and thoughtless policies apparently makes you a small American, fearful of only widows and children.

He needs to get the facts straight. One of the Boston bombers was a child, and 72% of Syrian refugees are men, whilst only 13% are children! That’s according to the UN. Or is Obama going to mock them too?

It doesn’t matter though. Regardless of what the top national security advisers, intelligence agencies and operators say, Obama is committed to a path of stupid. And why not? Somebody else will inherit the problem anyway right?

Our Right To Defend Our Lives

So saddening, but France is now a perfect example as to why we need to enforce immigration laws, see who enters our country and is a potential threat to American livelihood.

If President Obama and his idiot liberal cronies won’t enforce immigration laws, secure our borders, and protect American citizens, then they should stop encroaching on our right’s to bear arms and protect ourselves.

My heart, and yes I have one, goes out to all those in France, and victims of terror globally, who are without a government that allows their people to have a fighting and defensible chance.

It also reaffirms that criminals, and terrorists, easily evade the strictest gun laws, and the only people affected are the defenseless citizens that become victims.

France, I sincerely hope you and your people get through this, and you have a stronger resolve to protect your peaceful citizens.

Antigun Sermons Paid for by Guns

Its not shocking to hear Morgan Freeman preaching anti-gun rants, or delivering gun-control suggestions that every sensible person understands would only impact law abiding citizens, but lets all take a look at how his meaningless media popularity is afforded by guns.

He may not tote a gun, nor does he want anybody else to, unless of course its to net another couple million in the box office and more via royalties.

Off the top of my head, the majority of movies that I can think of that Morgan Freeman has done, are usually action, often involving tons of glamorous use of a gun.

Now that I have seen ‘London Has Fallen’ trailers on youtube, I can see that there is no end to Morgan Freeman’s hypocrisy in site. Just another gun packed action film co-starring an anti-gun hypocrite.

Consider also his criticism of the media and how they report on shootings. In a nutshell, he blames the media for how they cover the shooter not victims, and infers that the focus on the shooter encourages others to ‘top’ the violence in their own mass shootings. So in other words, don’t glamorize guns, shooters, or the gravity of the violence. Or basically, do the majority of what happens in films he stars in.

If he wasn’t such a hypocrite, he wouldn’t do his part to glamorize guns and gun use.

Obviously, money speaks louder to him than his own hypocritical liberal minded drivel and dogma. Although, I guess its all unsurprising from that side of the isle and the elitist actors and actresses who are increasingly out of touch with reality.

Twitter Hearts or Stars

So Twitter switched from Stars to hearts to favorite something… Earth shaking developments over there at twitter. Totally going to save the company from a lack of direction and the eternal struggle to convince investors it was ever worth anything near the analyst values when it went public.

Oh yeah, and if you were too stupid to notice, I switched to real titles and I am also allowing comments. Can’t wait for the haters to hate.

Ten Sixteen Twenty Fifteen

Iran tested a long-range ballistic missile recently… I’m sure they have no intention to create a nuclear payload for them. ::Eyes Rolling::

Usually, when one makes a deal with the devil, they get something in return. #IranDealFAIL

Ten Fifteen Twenty Fifteen

In 2009, President Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation.

I also do nothing for the international community everyday, I can haz one?

I wonder if ignoring international issues and cowering to Putin is the ‘strengthen international diplomacy’ they had in mind?

Today in the news… Obama announces he will stop the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan. He says, “I’m not disappointed”. And why should he be? He got his peace prize, neglected world problems like a boss, and is okay to let someone else inherit and fix them.