Ten Nine Twenty Fifteen

Over the last 20 years, American gun ownership has decreased, and mass shootings increased. The gun war doesn’t work.

Liberals attacked the freedom of speech and want to forget history by taking away confederate flags. FYI, plenty of Northerners owned slaves and committed terrible peace and war time atrocities as well, but the history is always written by the winners.

Liberals waged a campaign against god and the bible in schools, the last source for a lesson on moral fiber and ethics.

Youth now live attached to the internet and applications and are raised by social media and telecommunications corporations, with a diminishing connection to the real world, but will be the next generation to dictate the rules and apply their lack of skills.

A war has been waged on God, the bible, and Christians.

You don’t have to believe in God to learn a few decent things from the bible. Like how to be decent people and live a decent life. To those more open minded and intellectually more advanced people that hate the bible, God and the idea of either one, consider it a creative work of fiction and get over yourselves. America, and the world in general, could use a lot more of its message of love and decency right now.

Ten Eight Twenty Fifteen

The Oregon shooter had an apparent lack of good parental advising, was raised in a broken home, and struggled with mental health issues.

Yet, mom kept guns and ammo readily available in her home knowing her son had mental health issues.

Hillary thinks America needs to stand up to the NRA and Gun lobbyists… LOLz … WRONG.

Dad doesn’t believe in gun ownership, but was too deadbeat a father to keep them away from his mentally ill child and takes no personal responsibility for his failures. Practice what you preach at a personal and family level before you choke it down all of America’s throat you dick bag.

Its a clear cut mental health, moral fabric, and parental stupidity issue.

Even if you could rid the world of legal gun ownership and access, you won’t be able to eliminate illegal gun ownership, or cure stupid.

But, but, the corporations… ‘How to prevent mass shootings?’ the anti-gun idiots ask!
And they dogmatically answer, ‘Attack gun ownership and amendments!’. FUCKING WRONG AGAIN!

So really then, how do we prevent these tragedies!?
Uhm.. Maybe teach the mentally healthy its just wrong, and don’t make any weapon available to the mentally unhealthy that are incapable of understanding that message.

What is required is moral integrity, parenting, and half a brain, but the real core of the problem is that America is short on all three.

Ten Five Twenty Fifteen

Hunting. You may hate the idea, but put up or shut up.

Every big game animal that is hunted legally, requires a tag, tags cost money, that money goes to research, and conservation. Guided trips bring additional income to local area guides, restaurants and hotels.

Compare the case of an elephant or lion hunt, which can bring over 100k dollars of revenue per elephant to local services and conservation, to the millions of facebook bitches whining about not killing elephants. Is it sad? Sure.

Unless you can match the funds to provide for law enforcement, habitat, and conservation, fuck off. Your whining, and lobbying does more damage to animal species than hunting does.

In other words, get over your emotions about it and put up money, or shut up, because your lip service conservation effort will have more animals die and populations decline, than legal hunting will.

Ten One Twenty Fifteen

We had a chance to play ball. The president didn’t sack up, ignored the Syria problem, and sat back while Russia helps Bashar al-Assad squash his opposition.

The guy who is constantly saying, “Assad must go, Assad must go, Assad must go”, isn’t doing shit while Putin reinforces the Bashar al-Assad government, and guises it as a war on IS.

All bark and no bite, just another sackless moment under this leadership.

Nine Twenty Nine Twenty Fifteen

Women have the right to have abortions, like I have the right to own guns and the freedoms to bitch about things.

I don’t want to pay for your abortions, just like you don’t want to buy me guns, or pay me to bitch about how stupid you are.

If you can’t understand defunding Planned Parent hood has nothing to do with your rights, and everything to do with others not wanting to pay for you to exercise your rights, namely abortions, you are a fucking idiot turd who shouldn’t be passing on your gene sequence anyway.

Happy National Coffee day.

Nine Twenty Five Twenty Fifteen

There are few things worse than a punk as high school kid riding your ass.

There isn’t anything a punk ass kid has to do, that is important enough they have to try and shave a few seconds by driving like an asshole.

That couch they are going to slouch on when they get high, their acne, their B.O. reeking laundry, and their video game consoles aren’t going anywhere. So simmer the fuck down. Punk ass youth…

Nine Twenty Two Twenty Fifteen

You grow old, you pay taxes, you work hard and you pay more taxes, and then you die.

That is the miserable baseline of life for the hard working.

For the non-contributing 40%-ish of America, that lives off the backs of others? It sure must be nice! All you ever have to do is vote left.